Cambridge Poem

Viz: that there is poetry here though legs are
circumambiented by trousers, yes. It is advisable
not to consider this too closely as one steps away
from a street wavering with heady stench of
summer and petrol. Love is something else and in heffers
is stored (can you have enough?) much information
on metallurgy, on creosote, on numismatics and much else.
(One boiled egg - would that suffice to fuel this journey?)
Trousers must progress (restraining flesh kept decent by cloth)
past much information coded for most part unfortunately
not in japanese nor in fortran. Were it raining slugs
some text here should/could explain why
and with a certain measure of reliability.

But in the poetry department it is true that re-
fracted as in a prism, with devices re-echoed
many times over by keston and other acolytes
is work "acceptable" there is no choice but to choose this
which is the one way and now controls
Poetry Review and quite right too as never
since the time of eric mottram. New generations
may now confidently adopt a prynne-
cessy disdain for easy meaning, twist syntax
that is there to be twisted, and shed inattentive readers .

We may read the work with
coy admiration and concern.

Rod Cleverdon-Dainty

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