Motto for the Mountaineer

If you try to reach the summit
You're likely to become it.

Age's Hill

Young Puritans of austere will
Grow cavalier past age's hill.


Capitalism spouts from city walls;
Socialism mutters in draughty halls.

Damp-Stain Angel

The vicar couldn't make it out at all:
a damp-stain angel on his chapel wall.

Fear of Blindness

Believing in God for a dread of death
is living in darkness for fear of blindness.

Death's Dress Rehearsal

Romans called asthma rehearsal for death;
life, summed up as a shortness of breath.

Faith & Death

Who fears death needs the crutch of faith;
who fears pain needs the crutch of death.

Sleepy Head

The man who looks like he hasn't slept well
has a face like a bed that's been slept in.

Alan Morrison

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