Some More Obverbs

Binds & Threads
From school to work there are common threads:
clambering into winter out from warm beds.

Day & Night
The night can be what we want it to be
but the day shapes itself.

Class Punishment
Grandfather took a horse-whip to father’s arse
because he asked him if he was working class.~

We’re apes with infinity in our heads;
we cut down trees and dream in sheds.

Graffiti is the spoor of dissidence;
claw marks of neglected residents.~

The Inevitable
The prospect of dying
almost drives me to trying.

While I Waited
What did you do today while you waited?
I read a bit, slept, then masturbated.~

Fag-Ends and Dreams
Do the ashtray dreams
justify the fag-ends?

The Till-Girl
The Slavic till-girl with thinning hair and harassed eyes
Scrapes a Co-Op pittance to opt out of blasted skies.

Alan Morrison

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