Cause for Vexation

"Sharon should make an effort to be more attentive at meetings;
she comes across as not interested in what is being said.
An example would be Sharon's participation at a team presentation,
which a vice-president attended. Rather than listening and showing interest,
she showed obvious disengagement that others noticed and commented on."

I wear a puss face, aimed at a co-worker's probing glance.
She’s angling for an in to bore me silly. What'll it be today,
witch?  Elevator weather-speak, or thesis-like assertions
on cafeteria food? No, girlfriend is not surreptitiously clocking
my mortal coil's dress-down trainers and hoodie!  Nothing's wrong,
per se.  I'm told it's genetic—faulty neurotransmitters—scenic-route
neural mapping, programming me to drive life's blue highways,
dodging interstates.  I'd excel as writer, artist or actor,
but a cubicle gig is asking for trouble.  Did I conk me infant head
or self-medicate back in the day—a girl gone wild? 
Either way, I behave intolerably.  I go berserk when disturbed. 
It takes all I have to concentrate.  I am lovely, dark and deep. 
None know Problem Child.  All give wide berth to Bad Apple. 
Still, they want to peel me for pies, bake me a golden brown
team player.  Just you wait, 'enry 'iggins: Rita will kick in metered
measure.  Sayonara Chaos Theory!  Bienvenido a paz! 
So this is normal?  From Mardi Gras drag queen to holy woman serene?
Like cloistered pea-boy Gregor Mendel, I'm focused to the nines,
padding on pine, road-rage incidents distant memories. 
Still, I'll miss firing impulsively rude e-mails to nerds: "Yo, make like
Jimmy Choo and shoe.”  I’ll not, however, grieve erstwhile temper
tantrums in boss lady's face.  I may meet an assignment deadline!
How'd you fancy them apples?

Sharon Kozden

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