Cinema Verité

She realized that if her life were a movie:  

they would have filmed the production at Hunt's point in the Bronx,
when it was too cold for the bums, pushers and cops,
and the executive producer would have helped out as second prop man,
while first prop man found huge bargains at the Salvation Army,  
the director's resume would include,
Attack of the Octopus Women, and Blood Feast of the Venusian Virgins,  
the film editor, who once edited Japanese monster movies,
would splice the beginning and end into the middle,
so the scene where she finds true romance with Lars during a chance European encounter
would suddenly cut to her wedding with Seymour the sleepy accountant,  
they would list the role of  this Seymour, her husband of many years,
in the closing credits as the second bald man on the right,  
her childhood scenes would appear in the beginning and end of the film,  
her three children would have leading roles all played by the same transvestite,
who, even after the obligatory nude scene, might be either an actor or actress,  
it would run in the theaters for half a week
and appear in the back shelves of video stores a week later,  
and her part would be played not by herself but by her mother,
who'd probably win an Oscar for least supporting actress.

Richard Fein

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