typewriter chant
(for john matias)

hit the keys like
you’re nailing a coffin shut
like you’re jabbing pins in a voodoo doll
like you’re an outlaw running from the sheriff

hit the keys like
machinegun fire
like a ten car pileup
like lightning striking a tree

hit the keys like
you’re a long-shot horse galloping in the lead
like you’re chiselling your name into stone
like you’re hammering christ on his cross

hit the keys like
you’re marching poetry thru the streets at dawn
like you’re summer rain pounding on pavement
like there’s a hurricane swirling inside your wrists

hit the keys like
you’re a gravedigger shoveling up the past
like you’re giving your soul CPR
like you’re banging on heaven’s door with
your fists full of LOVE

Chris Kornacki

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