The Failure of Irony

After $150 and eleven minutes, she ended
Our appointment with this,
"Blah, blah, blah, garden-variety, severe depression."

Garden-variety, severe depression?
My nuclear blast-sized relief must have been evident,
On my napalm-melted expression.
She patted my shoulder in an encouraging manner,
But from a "don't-touch-the-leper" distance.

My radiation-soaked thankfulness expressed,
I calmly walked to the trailer-park-in-a-tornado protection of my truck,
Secure in my bullet-ridden, pandemic-torn sense of self.
The ground-zero-devastation of my previous typhoon-swamping state
Had been atomically-leveled
By her world-destroying clinical prowess.

This was turning into some Armageddon!

Driving on, I saw an old friend who I waved
To with a firebombing sincerity worthy of Dresden
Or maybe Tokyo. He didn't wave back,
And as deathbed-rattling luck would have it, my truck
Somehow found its way to a turnaround
Of biblical plague proportions.
What a hanging-from-the-gallows perspective I now had!
When I clipped my friend with the front bumper,
I had a minefield-contracting-from-the-cold-like moment of clarity,
My friend simply hadn't seen me!
He wasn't nursing an aggressively-necrotizing-fasciitis grudge against me.
He was simply Nagasaki-in August-blinded from view of me.
As soon as the "Oh my God, I've never seen so much blood" EMS team
Arrived on the scene, I thanked and stepped over him,
Making an arrow-through the-heart bee-line
To my doctor's office to tell her the good news
About her stultifying genius.

Larry S. Lafferty

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