Looking Through

I read newspapers, endlessly,
when I should be doing
so many things. The actresses are best
in the obituaries: their tiny bones,
their triple marriages. How often they end up
With a dog, upon a ranch, alone.

What does this tell me, about women,
even about dogs? Nothing.
It is the soul
Which loves to look at mountains, in clear air.

Alison Brackenbury
Bricks and Ballads (Poems),
Carcanet, 2004.
ISBN 1 85754 751 9
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Ballads are memorable. This book was finished when the poet was fifty, with too
much to remember: the shadows of the wider world, the bulldozers tearing down a
Victorian school with its graceful green belltower and its nesting jackdaws
turned to a cry in the air.

"Her combination of music and mystery shines through. By updating the ballad
form to incorporate a more sophisticated lyric sensibility and introspective
voice, Brackenbury reinvigorates the tradition and makes it her own."
Jane Yeh, The Times Literary Supplement

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