In war time women turn to red
swivel-up scarlet and carmine
not in solidarity with spilt blood
but as a badge of beating hearts.  

This crimson is the shade of poets
silenced for speaking against torture,
this vermilion is art
surviving solitary confinement,  

this cerise defies the falling bombs
the snipers taking aim at bread-queues,
this ruby’s the resilience of girls
who tango in the pale-lipped face of death.

Maggie Butt

Maggie is an ex- journalist and TV documentary producer. Lipstick
(published March 07) is her first full collection and marks the entrance of
a voice at once witty and wise, poignant and pertinent. Her poems (some
first published on Snakeskin) have a natural approachability, focussing on
universal  themes through a range of lenses and personae.

“…beautifully constructed…haunting…touching…enjoyable surprises… a dynamic
and talented writer.”  Envoi

“A gift for empathy, a talent for fresh expression, a distinctive voice …
and (a) gift for metaphor.”  William Oxley

“Maggie Butt needs only to be better known to be widely acclaimed.” Robert

“Why is poetry so rarely good-hearted?  Maggie Butt's is a shining
exception. Her poems are sympathetic, skilful - and surprising. “ Alison

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