I don't invent math.
I don't discover math.
I only PLAY math.

Like I play the piano.
Playing Partial Differential Equations is like playing Lizst.
Playing Complex Analysis is like playing Mozart.
Playing Abstract Algebra is like playing Vivaldi.

Or perhaps I PRACTICE math.
I practice and practice until I'm ready to preach.
I preach and preach until I'm ready to perish.

Is there phrasing?
Is there dynamics?
No, but there's fingering.
And there's running out of fingers.
And there's shaking out my hands
and starting anew.

Marion Deutsche Cohen

Crossing the Equal Sign (Plain View Press. TX), consists of poetry about the experience of mathematics.  My own "experience of mathematics" has been as mathematician, mathprof, and math-lover, but it's also been the same experience that we all have -- that of
citizen in a world that includes absolute truth.  In these poems, which have appeared in both math and literary journals, math research serves as metaphor for all striving, yearning, and passion -- and sometimes for non-math life such as kids, cats, broken ankles, the ocean, and more.

This is my seventeenth book. My previous book is Dirty Details: The Days and Nights of a Well Spouse (Temple Univesity Press, PA).

Crossing the Equal Signcan be ordered from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and others, in particular the publisher's website, 
www.plainviewpress.net -- $17.95 including postage and handling.  It can also be ordered from me -- same price -- at 2203 Spruce St., Phila., PA 19103.

My own website --
www.marioncohen.com -- contains more information.