When Beauty Becomes


All human life thereby elevated

Man has the scientific know how

To erase his Gods

Or her Goddesses.


Human energy turned to peaceful pursuits

Saving the planet

Wiping out disease

Sharing the World’s resources

In a democratic, capitalistic way.

Ah this is too rich,

Too meaningful,

Leaving future generations

Without challenges,

Everything  beautifully settled.


Luckily Man has the urge to destroy

In order to start over again

So there will be a need

for creativity once more.


We are, after all

products of Nature.

Where would Nature be

Without floods, tornadoes

And plagues of locust?

Inevitably followed by

a display of spring,

autumn and breath taking sunsets?


If you have any comments on this poem, L.Fullington would be pleased to hear from you.

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