The Trouble with Chipmunks

'A chipmunk is not an attractive thing.
That odd little roly poly body, 
those long teeth gleaming like stainless steel,
could not bring success on the social circuit.'

As he spoke he glanced around the group
already bored, loooking for another drink.
What are they good for anyhow? someone asked
but he ploughed on with his unwanted chatter.

'Chipmunks dance to catch up
from the margin, wild eyed, struggling
to salvage their dignity and their okayness
and not be undesired and unregarded things.'

There was nothing any of us cared to say.
We drifted off or talked of something else
and left him looking at his shoes,
grinning from his place on the edge.

Padraig O'Morain

If you've any thoughts about this poem, Padraig O'Morain would like to hear them.

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