Lunch / Time
when I sink my teeth into an afterdog
how long they hold their breath before evanescing beyond bun
like a ghostly wheatfield now a housing development where no one bakes their own bread
everything from cows through 3 or more machines
clothing is packaging, health is packaging, conversation is an aerosol scent
smells baked    smells fresh    smells outdoors    smells new
selective allergies blocking certain products, certain viewpoints
when I can’t get in the door coz I don’t fit the profile
surreptitiously scanning my credit cards to see how hooked I am
the more you owe the higher your limit, like weight lifting or drug resistance
what I burn now I’ll breathe later
burning with hammers;  amplifying with drills
how water is attached to the glass so gravity can’t get away

Dan Raphael

During the week, Dan Raphael ( has noodles – ramen (w/o soup) or macaroni – for breakfast. Just thinking about the upcoming menu makes his mind water.