Tofu Supreme
He's healthy, but he doesn't thrill.
Put him in a crowd of others,
who have something to say,
who kick the status quo
into the pit of last week,
and he includes all that they are
into all that is he.
Now he can entertain.
We are grateful for knowing him,
even if it's been a matter mostly
of knowing suggestions of ourselves.
He is a messenger. He is the courier.
He is a transfer of information.
He carries the word.
No complaints from him.
He understands his mission.
He serves the palate from the shadows.
He augurs no defense from us.
He doesn't seek to be understood.
We should only care about
that which he brings.
We are rich. We are savory.
We deserve the notice.

Jesse Minkert

Jesse Minkert ( tries to eat a little something every day.