Impatience sss.......urge.
Oh why don't you show up?
Darkening sea. Darn.

I count: one, two, five...
waiting... like a fish—
and the day is done deal somehow.

But alas!
The nights don't surpass...
No yes… No yes. Torn sunflower petals.

Your memory makes my head reel...
Especially the smell of you and the feel...
Minus you. Annihilate. Nil.

I am here but not quite here.
I don't remember the stranger la-di-da mirror.
No one says why. Listening? You.

For you, I shoved the whole earth aside,
Thus "forsaken from society"; they emphasize.
Dislodged nails. Tired teeth. Shhh... cool down.

Now I sit in the dark alone
yearning forlorn.
Bitten lips. Cigar rings.

Trying hard to keep my heart in cage,
as it prowls around in rage
waiting for one message. Shhh... meditate.

Oh! Who's to pacify the beast for me?
As it is indeed stormy!
The stars pass by... but alas...

Knife. Rope. Papers. Gas. Pill.
Tremors. Shhh... be still.
Light. Sound. Action. Kill.



RCPCZ  has a crush on a throbbing living blood-bathed brain and its workings.