Olive Oyl

Oiling Palms

At school I was nicknamed Olive Oyl.
I believe this happened because Iím long

and lean, having repressed the taunts
about hair being greasy. Palmolive,

as a brand, dates back to 1898,
formed by combining palm and olive

oils. Paloma Faith believes loveís pain
comes from deadly kisses. God says we                  

are engraved on his palms. I would guess
that this is painful. I donít know you

like the back, or the palm, of my hand.
My heart line is broken, my fate lineís

unreadable. Maybe my destiny
is in my own hands, not determined

by whether I use Fairy or Dreft, supply
spinach, follow my faith or fine-tune pain

by leaving you.

Nancy Charley

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