Revolution Rubaiyat

The People rise and fling a Noose of Light
To snare and topple their dark Lord of Night.
The Tyrant sees the breaking Dawn and feels
His own Grip loosen as the Noose pulls tight.

The Vine of Liberty perfumes the Air
With fragrant Grapes whose Juice helps Dreamers dare
Great Things. Democracy is heady Wine.
Come dance! The Wine is flowing in the Square!

The Zeitgeist dips its Quill in Joy and Rage
To write this hopeful Drama on the Page.
As Players enter for their next Scene, will
The Ink be spilled as Blood upon the Stage?

This Generation chanting in the Street
Relies on Cyber-Playthings to unseat
The Autocrats whose Doom is spelled out in
One Hundred Forty Characters per Tweet.

A Book, a Loaf, a Jug - Youths might desire
These Luxuries, but All that they require
Is Access to the Websites where they seize
And reprogram this Scheme of Things entire.

Some Pundits theorize the Internet
Rewrites the Script such that Blood, Tears, and Sweat
Need not attend a Rising in this Age.
But wait. The Guns may have their Heyday yet.

Chris O'Carroll

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