Austerity's Divide

The role of Marie Antoinette
has now been made more efficient
dividing it between
TV chefs and politicians.

Escaping the frame

To break free of capitalism
socialists must first work out
how a TV with better sound and colour
can be advertised on the TVs we already have,
and sell.

Back to basics

Too many are now like spell checks:
what they don't recognise
they underline in red,
and what they do
they think correct.

A Socialist's Predicament

Capitalism will not die
the way the wind blows away
the seeds and petals
of a bleached-out field.

Each of us has taken a bit inside
where petals hold and seeds don't fall.

The system's turned us all
into Gonerils and Regans
but Cordelias, too,
trying to escape their words.

The Wrong People

We were evacuated
after a WW2 bomb
was found in our cellar.

Had it killed us
the papers would have called it
a cruel misfortune,
a tragic loss of life
and the German government
would have probably expressed its sorrow
and offered condolences
to friends and family
and all this because
we were not
the husband, wife and child
the bomb was meant to kill.

Tristan Moss

If you have any comments on this poem, Tristan Moss would be pleased to hear from you.