A Bullet is Not a Vampire


A bullet is not a vampire.
It does not need permission
to enter your body.

A bullet will not knock
on your door and say,
Bullet here. May I
please come in?

A bullet will not wipe off
a spot and ask, Will this
suffice? A little further
to the left perhaps?

A bullet does not show
its ID to the doorman,
only to hear, Sorry, sir,
but you may want
to check in tomorrow
for our Thursday special.

A bullet does not hold up
its thumb like an artist
measuring proportions.

A bullet is your slob
brother-in-law paying
you a surprise visit.

A bullet stinks
of beer and urine,
eats cold pizza
for breakfast,
and smells milk
before drinking it
right out of the carton.

Jimmy Pappas

If you have any comments on this poem,  Jimmy Pappas   would be pleased to hear from you.