A Picnic by the Sea
walrus and carpenter

“O Oysters!” said the Carpenter,
“We’ve brought a friend to tea.
He’s rather shy, but longs to try
A picnic by the sea.”
The Walrus frowned. “We’ve barely found
Enough for you and me.”
The Hatter sat, removed his hat,
Well-mannered and polite.
He murmured thanks; the oyster ranks
That shimmered in the light
Lay on the sand on either hand,
A captivating sight.
“An oyster bed! Oh, what a spread!”
Intoned the happy Hatter.
The Walrus, grumbling, stomach rumbling,
Passed a grudging platter;
A napkin, too - one never knew –
In case the things should splatter.
They munched with glee a hearty tea,
Then carried on till dinner.
“You look well-fed”, the Walrus said.
“Not bad for a beginner.”
“I think I’m fatter,” said the Hatter.
“Certainly, no thinner.”
Back home, he wrote a thank-you note,
And with it, as was proper,
Sent hats he’d made from purple suede:
Two bowlers, each a whopper.
“It’s as I feared”, the Walrus sneered.
“I’d rather have a topper.”

Brian Allgar

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