star wars

If Love were like Star Wars

It would be wiser and more cryptic.

We’d flag down new launch pads for an
While traveling at the speed of light
Silent and separated. Star encrusted streets
Lead to frozen tundra

My weak feet are cold and so I repeat
“Fear is the path to the dark side”
Until am standing in the eye of the storm

Should I cut you open and crawl in? If I liked squirming
In my own jacket

To say your name is too dangerous
With all of these asphyxiating mind games you are either
Hiding with the ewoks
Or the captain of the ship, I want you to
Carry me back to my home planet or else
I will reverse all of my sentences

Forbidden, attachment is
Forbidden, possession is
Forgiven, compassion is

You might say it’s more or less encouraging
To look at the Death Star
From a distance

Hannah Fleming

If you have any comments on this poem,  Hannah Fleming  would be pleased to hear from you.