I noticed when you came this time to visit
and we fell right into our age-old habit
of belly laugh and snicker,
and challenge and bicker,
that you, like me in these later years,
one-foot-it up and down the stairs.

Itís November, month of drizzle and sudden sun,
of a preponderance of birthdays of everyone
from our five-years-dead mother
to your ex-husbandís youngest brother.
Our lives seldom overlap Ė only when
one of us visits, and even then,

we are hard-pressed to recognize
the world as seen through the otherís eyes.
As we sip at our steaming mugs of ginger tea
I look out at the rainy autumn garden and see
the phlox flowers transliterated into starry seeds,
and you look out and see the weeds.

Liza McAlister Williams

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