Iíve always called her ďSugarĒ. Now they say
That sugarís worse than saturated fat,
And so I changed the epithet Ė but, hey!
Why did she hit me with a baseball bat?


My name is May, a tough old boot,
And Maggie T. seems almost cute
Compared to me. Now Englandís goose
Is cooked at last, I squeeze the juice.
Iím Vladimir; Iíll crush dissent
Now Iíve become your President.
You thought that it was Trump? Oh, no,
Heís just my toy - I run the show.


The one that didn't get away

The voters were sniffing the bait;
It was putrid and rotten, a stinker.
"Don't touch it!" I cried, but too late -
They had swallowed it hook, line and sinker.


Brian Allgar

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