Marcus Valerius Martialis (whose dates are approximately 38AD to 102AD) was a Roman poet born in Spain, best known for his twelve books of Epigrams, which satirise Roman life and personalities.

Parfum (After Martial)

Marcus, you walk around wreathed in a pleasant aroma,
a mutedly masculine mixture of rawhide and spice,
yet I canít help but wonder whatís under your perfume-shop aura;
any man who always smells nice doesnít really smell nice.

Silver Lining (After Martial)

You want whatever you say to be witty, Marcus,
    but your remarks are dense.
At least your witóassuming it ever comesó
    has something to shine against.


plus (not after Martial)

The Inferno

Bruno, youíre always lending me books that appealed to you,
    and then youíre hurt when I donít follow through.
Why wonít I read what you suggest? I donít have time to waste
    and hell, Iíve found, is other peopleís taste.

Brooke Clark

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