On a planet of Alpha Centauri,
The twentieth world from the sun,
They tell a remarkable story
Of how independence was won.
From space came a war fleet of Krayders
With armour that nothing could pierce,
An onslaught of cruel invaders,
Belligerent, brutal and fierce.

The Alphans were easily beaten
By conquerors dark and depraved.
Resisters were roasted and eaten,
The rest of the planet enslaved.
But one of them laughed at enslavement;
Defying her masters and lords,
She brazenly walked on the pavement
Reserved for the swaggering hordes.
She fearlessly held her position
As Krayders moved in to attack,
And knowing their deep superstition,
She planted her feet on a crack.
They gasped in amazement, and bleated
“Behold what she does, and survives!”
They fell to their knees, and entreated
This Legend to spare them their lives.
Today, they are sheepishly working
As waiters in bars and cafés,
Obsequious, smiling and smirking
While counting the tips on their trays.
The Krayders are sometimes resentful,
But know there is no going back,
For they tremble with awe at the day that they saw
The Goddess who stepped on a crack.

Brian Allgar

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Brian Allgar would be pleased to hear them.