Mr. Golightly
Words for Paul Muldoon

Yes - Mr Golightly
Goes lightly indeed
As he
Trips the line fantastic
Stretches meaning like elastic
Takes syntax to the cleaners
Wakes words in new arenas -
Yes he goes lightly

Yes - he slides nicely indeed -
Figure skater
Ice breaker -
Clear surface churns and chips
As he skims and slips
Into other states
From the rink to the brink
Of a river in Mexico
Watch him glide, see him slide

Yes - he flows finely indeed

Sand sifting
Time shifting
Through clear glass dissolving
As he dances and drifts
Into dreams
Of the sand man - so
Watch him flow

Yes - heís the dream spinner
Magus with illusions
Master of allusions
As he cheats time and tense
Transports continents
Barriers and borders
Definitions and orders
Those who doubt
What itís all about

Susan  Clark

If you have any comments on this poem,  Susan Clark  would be pleased to hear from you.