Shaming of Parts
Hmm, the front brake cable needs tightening,
and the back blather is wonky;
the braggart’s bint looks a bit unstable,
and I think we’d better replace
the bolt and braces.

Your flimsy flapper is definitely loose,
and, to be on the safe side,
you’ll need a new wogget wiggler.
Those broken spokes shouldn’t be
too much of a problem.

Basic overhaul – hundred and fifty,
plus parts and VAT. Would you like
to talk to the salesman?
It’s a good time of year
to snap up a bargain.

He’ll explain about the ‘lawyer lips’;
it’s a retention device, to prevent
inadvertent loss of your front wheel.
Now do let me show you
the end of the summer range.

Hannah Stone

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Hannah Stone  would be pleased to hear them.