35 Selected English Word Idioms

No art without startle?

No belief without a lie
No business without sin
No character without an act
No coffee without a fee
No courage without rage
No culture without a cult

No entrance without a trance
No Europe without a rope
No freedom without a reed
No friendship without an end
No glove without love
No ghost without a host

No groom without a room
No infancy without fancy
No life without if
No malady without a lady
No manifestation without man
No mason without a son

No millionaire without a lion
No passage without a sage
No pharmacy without harm
No plant without a plan
No prevention without an event
No product without a duct

No sight without a sigh
No slaughter without laughter
No splurge without urge
No spring without a ring
No substance without a stance
No think without ink
No truth without a rut

Yuan Changming
If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Yuan Changming   would be pleased to hear them.