Sodom and Sodium
lot and his daughters fleeing sodom
Raphael: Lot and his daughters fleeing Sodom
A wifeless Lot is not a happy one,
The consequence of that disastrous night
In Sodom. True, the evening had begun
Quite pleasantly, the fire burning bright,
A glass of wine … until there came a knock
Upon the door - two angels on a mission:
“We’re here to tell you - this may be a shock -
That Sodom’s shortly due for demolition.
Flee for your lives, and do not look behind you!”
But Mrs. Lot looked back, a fatal fault.
She ended up, I hardly need remind you,
A statuesque but lifeless block of salt.
One consolation helped to dry Lot’s tears:
No risk of running out of salt for years.

Brian Allgar

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Brian Allgar  would be pleased to hear them.