Ah Yes, The 70s
She made tea in her room
And asked about girlfriends;
I hadn’t ever had any
So we made love.
She was travelling through
She had nowhere to go;
She stayed in my room
So we made love.
“He walked me home; he was so sweet.
I didn’t know how to thank him
So I fucked him.”
So we made love.
Did we smoke? I forget.
I stroked her hair
Her husband withdrew
So we made love.
We walked and talked
It was a sunny day
We found a field and lay down
So we made love.
We talked about yoga
She did yoga with me
So we made love.
“Are your eyes open?”
Yes, are yours?
So we made love.
(And this was the one I married.)

Robin Helweg-Larsen

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Robin Helweg-Larsen  would be pleased to hear them.