Animals Like Reading

Do you know an intelligent child?
Does he/she like animals?
Does he/she like reading?

Then you've just solved a Christmas present problem,
because this book is all about animals reading.

It's a collection of ten poems by George Simmers, with drawings by Bruce Bentzman.

We have used Lulu Press to publish it, and the price is only 3.50, plus postage.

Here are some sample spreads. Click on each page for a larger view:

sample page

sample page spread

At stocking-filler price, this has to be your essential purchase this Christmas.

I mean - we've all been there. You've saved up your cash to give a child a massively expensive Virtual Reality X-Box Super-Console. But though his words thank you, you see his eyes are distraught. Maybe a tear trickles slowly down his face. He cannot quite prevent his chin from wobbling uncontrollably. What he really wanted, of course,  was a slim volume of poems about animals who enjoy reading, attractively illustrated by Mr Bentzman.

Don't make the same mistake again. Order your copies by clicking here.

At the moment, Lulu are promising to fulfill all orders before Christmas. If you are in the UK, and you want to ensure an early delivery, contact Snakeskin here.