She said he said
this, but he said
she said that,
while he said
and she said,
and no one listened
to all that was said,
only bits and pieces,
full sentences
chopped down
to shapes and sizes
that fit
what he said
she said,
but what she didn't say
at all,

and then she did the same
to what he said,
or didn't say,
or didn't mean,
or meant
but not in that meaning,

and we all listened
and heard
what we wanted to hear,
our minds fully made up
with only half the information
and a quarter
of what was said,

making our beds
with unlaundered sheets,
eventually finding all the words
when we complain
this isn't what we wanted,

no, this isn't what we wanted
at all,

listen while we will tell you.

Edward Lee
If you have any comments on this poem,  Edward Lee  would be pleased to hear from you.