Linear B Tablet PY An 657
By "Scribe 1" (Pylos)

linear b tablet

At Owinthos did Maleos
His stocks of stately troops array:
From Etewas to Suwerowios
All stayed with him at Owinthos;
The others sailed away:

Strong Kerkios took his command
And bid farewell to great Maleus.
He took ten Kuparissians, and,
With sword and hide-shield in his hand,
They sailed for Aithaleus.

Aheriquontas led his men,
Down to the sacred Pool of Deer.
Thrice Kerkiosís troop of ten,
Oichilai and Kekides, then
Aikontas in the rear.

To protect the palace from attacks
These men can proudly boast.
To halt invaders in their tracks
And keep held high the double-axe,
The Watchers guard the coast.

Daniel Galef

This poem is based on a translation of the tablet by Theodore Nash.

If you have any comments, Daniel Galef  would be pleased to hear from you.