Noise Asylum

Since silence spurs remembering, I sleep
Amidst cacophony. My playlists spew
Their strident strains, ensuring not a peep
Nor memory breaks through my mind’s milieu.

I know contrition’s ghosts return to rue
When nocturne’s hush descends. Within the deep
Unspeaking stills, they animate anew
Since silence spurs remembering. I sleep

Erratically in noiselessness, and weep
Recalling silences that I once knew:
My mute retorts to insults peers would heap
Amidst cacophony. My playlists spew

Melodic din within my ears to hew
The soundless space where Grandpa’s hands still creep
Beneath my sheets. The clock’s brass chimes renew
Their strident strains, ensuring not a peep

From me resounds. In silence, where I reap
Illusion’s spite, I dream my baby who
Absconded life lies safely shrined in sleep—
Not memory. Break through my mind’s milieu,

You syncopated blast-beats; death-growl through
The aural voids. Expel the haunts that keep
Me roused. Let Lethe’s blessed noise accrue
Since silence spurs remembering.

Mindy Watson

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