Continuous Improvement
At work they told us to look out for ways
To speed things up or cut out steps and costs
Habitually, so we would get more lean,
Which would make us more competitive.
A central tenet of their strategy  
Was Focus on the Things You Can Control,
Which in my case isnít all that much,
Just some grease changes and scheduling--
But if you play along and zero in
On how you can improve those small details
At least thereís progress, unlike in the world.
Plus you can apply the skill at home.
Right now it is my target to improve
My relationship with my daughter ten percent
By listening, not giving her advice.
And my five-point plan is working out
And Iím happier, and pondering
Other things I could improve myself
Just by making an effort, more or less.
I still hate my job, but itís taught me this.

David Stephenson

If you have any thoughts on this poem, David Stephenson  would be pleased to hear them.