Smoked Haddock
Strategy, strategy, strategy,
Strategy, strategy, strategy.
Strategy policy, strategy policy,
Strategy policy, plan procedure,
Strategy policy, plan procedure
We’re working it out, on our committee,
Strategy time, for saving the city,
The perfect plan, pure philosophy.
Strategy policy, plan procedure
Strategy policy, plan procedure
Objective 1
The final strategy will be in twelve point times new roman left hand justified in                
exactly one and a half line spacing.
The strategy will be clad in Italian marble and the committee have selected
sirocco  facing,
On an all expenses trip to Tuscany,
Strategy Tuscany, plan procedure,
Without a strategy no-one believes you.
Objective 2
The final strategy will interface with perfect turbo-powered fluidity in a cog-like mechanism clickety-clicking with all previous strategies.
Objective 3
As a result of Objective 2 no old strategies will be left in the lavatories.
Strategy lavatory, plan procedure,
Without a strategy nobody needs you,
Master of strategy Julius Caesar,
Till superceded by Brutus the Geezer.
Strategy, strategy, lemon squeezer,
Strategy, strategy, strategy.
Ok, you try saying it -
Strategy, strategy, strategy,
Strategy, strategy, strategy,
Strategy, policy.

Matt Black

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Matt Black would be pleased to hear them.