Sweet Poets
may your poems
sing in the belly
like rum and raisin truffles
may your metaphors
be naked, plump marshmallows
may your rhymes be shiny-slick
as a barley sugar stick
may your poems
be the secret grit
in sea-salt chocolate
and the chemical shock
of tuck-shop pear drops
may your poems
fizz like sherbet lemons
and stain the mouth long
like Pontefract Cakes
or blue bubble gum ice-cream
may they gleam with the sheen
of gummy jellies
may your poems
be peppermint crisp
Tic-Tac-perfect, Extra Strong
may they leave  behind
a breath of Parma Violets
and a memory
of Spangles on the tongue

Annie Fisher

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Annie Fisher would be pleased to hear them.