Holed Below the Waterline

If it could have been with you
Id sparkle like a sprinkled lawn
the view from Mount Tabor a Zambezi dawn
I Should Have Known Better (the train scene) a pawn
reaching c8, empowered, transformed

bbut you said no, so Im
bholed below the waterline.

If it could have been with you
Id Hannibal across the peaks
launch a thousand shipshape Greeks
win Wimbledon become PM
put England in a state of Zen
purchase a chateau on the Loire
sponsor our very own private choir
to hit the high notes just as we
leapt into bed
but it wasnt to be.

bInstead, Im
holed below the waterline.

If it could have been with you
our childrens children would recall
astonishing, fantastical
visits to grandparents who
were loves top storyline come true.
As legacy they would possess
the legend of our happiness,
a myth to fascinate, inspire
it seemed a reasonable desire.

bBut you said no.  Now Im
holed below the waterline.

Mayday should signal ones springing anew
into lifes whirligig hullabaloo
not going under in lonely distress


Tom Vaughan

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Tom Vaughan  would be pleased to hear them.

from a hard days night
from A Hard Day's Night (the train scene)