A Relief of the Annunciation
At the museum, I turn a corner, laugh out loud.
Such a surprise, it is voluptuous, delightful,
absolutely gorgeous. Someone carved it over five hundred
years ago, someone from the Tyrol, who ate cheese
and saw the Madonna, as well as Angel Gabriel,
as comfortable, fresh-faced and fleshy. Here,
these hands are active and plump and quite beautiful.
She sits reading under a golden canopy,
wears a gold cloak lined with heavenly blue.
The folds of her cloak are spectacular.
The Angel, despite his wings, wears a similar cloak
that flaps back super-hero style. Another angel
holds his hem, as he bows to annunciate the message
that she is to give birth to Godís child.
She takes it very well.

Rose Cook

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Rose Cook  would be pleased to hear them.