In Dreams

time travel, then, is key
go backwards in slow motion.
Rip apart your shroud, escape
your grave. Reappear to friends
when old tears have dried.
When memories tremble, loosened
years of separation, break
back in
first on stiff, arthritic limbs
with faltered heartbeats
staccato nerves followed by
impromptu falls
                           as knees fold curtsies to Kali.
Do not despair, old age will not restrain you.
In sleep, your prime beckons once more,
peak powers restored. Skin and tissues
pulse steady, strong,
soon, you will love once more.
Dearest sleeper,
may our goddess bless your dreams
and tears of joy complete your metamorphosis.

Ceinwen Haydon

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Ceinwen Haydon  would be pleased to hear them.