"We, the undersigned..."

often try to speak for people
who are not among the undersigned--

but who are among the under-signed
living under the over-signing.


Such Clear Water

For Zoe and Bolly

We dip to see a show of red tentacles:
  active beadlets, not low tide's reluctant blobs.
Blue hints of Irish moss are briefly exposed
  as unseen waves shake June's elongating wracks.

Tiny mysidae, looking like sea-horses,
  make their gentle/careful way in mid-water--
like punctuation in search of unclear text.
  We follow on, dedicated sea-readers.


Lost Limbs

Sometimes crabs
don't stay calm,

get into fights
and come to h


Seth Crook

If you have any thoughts on these poems, Seth Crook
would be pleased to hear them.