Next Time

The next time some imbecile
Comes at me with a loaded pistol
Thinking me some pheasant to wing
And they some slayer king,
I'll take them out with adjectives...
Then we'll see who lives.

And should some clown make me frown,
I'll take him down
With a well placed noun.
And don't even try to disturb or perturb me...


Homeland Security Trip-List

homeland security badge

Drill cops response initiative
Death gangs breach lockdown
Plume leak erosion powder
Gas exposure toxic agro-terror
Pipebomb pork strain collapse
Port dock bridge cancelled
Border cartel Tijuana decapitated
Infection burst target enriched
Pirates plot twister-tsunami
Sleet-resistant trojan worm.

Note: U.S.A. Homeland Security intercepts world-wide mobile phone text messages. Certain words or clusters of words automatically trip an alert for possible further investigation and monitoring. Every single word above is in the trip-list.

Clive Donovan clive.donovan@live.com

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