More Coupling

Reading a Thesaurus in Bed

Over one hundred words for just two parts!
Who would not celebrate the verbal arts?

Epitaph for a Renowned Lover

When Casanova died and was cremated,
The fire with which he burned at last abated.

Epitaph for a Courtesan

Here lies the grave of one who paid
For being paid for being laid.

Epitaph of Dionysios of Tarsus

I lived for sixty years and now Iím, lately, dead.
I had no wife: I wish father had none, instead.
                                    From The Greek Anthology

When I'm 64

Will you still want me on the hardwood floor
When I am old and grey and sixty-four?
After Ronsard translated by W. B. Yeats (via The Beatles)

Marriage Š la Mode

They slept in separate beds, in separate rooms.
Now dead, they lie in one, not separate tombs.

Conor Kelly

If you have any thoughts on these poems,  Conor Kelly
would be pleased to hear them.