The Case for the Defence

Guilty as charged? I donít dispute
my tendency to mock
gurus with scripts which constitute
lifeís meaning for their flock.
But in my defence Iíd like to say
prophets whose inner light
illuminates the outer way
in clear-cut black and white
have frequently caused wonder and
amusement for all those
who note that any Holy Land
is where men come to blows.

In fairness I of course should add
the gloomy ages show
most souls are credulously glad
when tin gods claim truthís glow,
are ready and willing to be led
into the desert, or
wherever else some new hothead
takes them to die. What for?
Because blind faith in anything
beats compromise and doubt,
even if thereís no softer sting
when all the lights go out.

Tom Vaughan

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Tom Vaughan
would be pleased to hear them.