In the Country

sporting print

Wisden v Wigeon

Here is my neck, and out I stick it
To claim that fowling isn't cricket.
The gunner, prone in frozen muck,
Is happy if he gets a duck.

Lines For A Clay Pigeon

If you were formed to face my Purdey,
You chalk-and-pitch constructed birdie,
Then may your flight indeed be fleeting,
Journey's end in leaden meeting!

But if your doom's to soar for Barry,
Or Bob, Tom, Dick, or even Harry,
Why perish to improve their standings?
Fly on, my lad, and happy landings!

Fish And Flies

I asked him if he'd got a bite . . .
   His answer can't be written.
But, as he scratched away all night
   I can say he got bitten.

Jerome Betts

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Jerome Betts
would be pleased to hear them.