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An artist's impression of the chupacabra.
Source: Wikipedia

only in Texas
does it rain armadillos
and chupacabras

new hit TV show
Married With Chupacabras
getting high ratings

loves to write haiku
about wild chupacabras

you know he is there
but the moon fools your own eyes
el chupacabras

I don’t always write
poems about chupacabras
…who am I kidding

Juan M. Perez

Juan Manuel Perez is a certified, mid-levelCryptozoologist and has an actual Esoteric PhD. in Parapsychology. The purported shape-shifting poet is also affectionately known as Texas’s only Lifetime Chupacabra Poet Laureate as well as a founding member of The House of the Fighting Chupacabras Press. More information: