A Sonnet, or Whatever


She goes I think itís gonna like snow tonight
or whatever, and I go no, itís totally not gonna be bad,
and she goes donít get mad or whatever, but I might
meet Josh later at Sbarroís, and I go Iím not mad

or whatever, but then I thought Josh? and I was like
are you serious or what? and she goes do me favor,
donít get all attitude-y Judy, and I go youíre a dyke,
and she goes youíre a hater, and I go WHAT-EVER,

and I give her my eye-roll ó you know the one ó
and she goes fine or whatever, and then she eats a
whole beef burrito plus a ginormous Cinnabon,
and I go maybe Iíll meet your boyfriend later for pizza,

and then she like stares at me, but I just ignore her,
and sheís like forget this, and Iím like, you know, whatever.

Michael Steffen
If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Michael Steffen 
would be pleased to hear them.