Catchin Yer Eye

after Sappho aní Catullus

How the fuck kin anyone dae whit he dis?
Jesus wept!  The divil disguised, ahíll wager.
Seated facin you, fur the umpteenth time he
watches aní hears ye

laughin sweetly.  Ahd iv been left a total
fuckin zombie.  Catchin yer eye, ah cannae
breathe; ah jist, like, flounder, a fish oan land, aní,
gaspin fur watter,

cannae speak.  A tinglin flame then trickles
doon ma limbs.  Thereís suddenly this crescendo
buzz ae bagpipe drones in ma ears, aní ma eyes are
plunged intae darkness.

Icy avalanches ae sweat run doon me.
Noo ahm shakin badly.  Ah turn a paler
green than grass aní seem tae hiv only cheatit
death by a whisker.

Duncan Gillies MacLaurin

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