Oxygen, Oxygen

Oxygen, oxygen,
you dreamed up porridge in
casseroles made without lead.
Oxygen, oxygen,
spirit of origin,
youíre in the earth that I tread.

Oxygen, oxygen,
youíre taken hostage in
hydrogen, carbon and zinc.
Oxygen, oxygen,
essence of frosted gin,
youíre in the water I drink.
Oxygen, oxygen,
you fry my sausage in
style so itís ready to eat.
Oxygen, oxygen,
when winter locks us in,
youíre in the fire that gives heat.

Oxygen, oxygen,
you can be toxic in
all the bad stuff I bequeath.
Oxygen, oxygen,
bless your white socks again,
youíre in the air that I breathe.

Oxygen, oxygen,
you are encouraging
when I lie ill in my bed.
Oxygen, oxygen,
make this poor ostrich in
fear a wild tiger instead.

Duncan Gillies MacLaurin

If you have any comments on this poem,  Duncan Gillies MacLaurin would be pleased to hear from you.