Midlife Crisis

My birthday nears, to gift me with a nought,
Fat harbinger of my fast-dwindling life.
As strength, mind, manhood move to final dot,
Let me rejuvenate with new young wife!
Link me to life, as Iíll bind you to bed;
Stroke me to strength, as Iíll kiss you to bliss;
As I your youth, enter my heart and head,
Dismiss othersí suspicions aughtís amiss.
Strip off my age, as I will strip your clothes,
And with me steal the fresh, destroy the stale,
Daring scornís thorns, plucking buds of the rose,
Coaxing, called forcing, flower to bloom from bud.
Restore, delay, deny that Ďstud Ė dud Ė thudí
Peripheral progression of the male.

Robin Helweg-Larsen

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